Improve your happiness by keeping a gratitude diary for a year

We live in a golden age. Compared to our ancestors, we are healthier, wage fewer wars, are more efficient as a species, have more possessions, and are more connected to each other (physically and technologically, at least). We are objectively better off than any generation before us. And yet we…

An ordered list of your biggest potential training gains, based on sports watch data from you and other athletes.

Running smart?

As a runner always looking to improve my Personal Bests (PBs), I often wonder how I can optimise my time spent running to achieve the best gains whilst being as lazy as possible. Sometimes I run seven times a week, but don’t improve my speeds over a few months. Other…

Today’s dizzying number of options might just be making us miserable

II have been rather disappointed with Netflix lately. After it delisted a few of my favorite shows (ahem, Doctor Who) and I spent a few weeks struggling to find anything good to watch, I started wondering if the Netflix overlords had adjusted their strategy. Maybe they were hoping to appease…

Rian van den Ander

Data Scientist | MBA | Amsterdam — I work as a Data Scientist in a big tech firm. My passion is to use DS/ML/AI/IA to help us be better & more wholesome humans

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